I need a help on building a first new core i7 computer.

It will be my own first bulit computer and it will be core i7 and my budget is about under 800 pound.

I really need a help, so can you help?

Please pick parts from www.aria.co.uk

It will be not gaming computer but future-proof (more upgradable in future).
Maybe 50 pound graphic card and 3 gb or lower of RAM.
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  1. Is this a complete build or will you plan on using bits and pieces of an older system.

    If its a completely new build its going to be tight for £800, the CPU and mobo will cost 450-500 alone. Im not saying it cant be done, especially if you are willing to concede on a nice graphics card and 6gb ram, but knowing what parts you have already would be a great help.
  2. Shop around, see if you get better prices at www.overclockers.co.uk, www.ebuyer.com, www.scan.co.uk. Maybe you can get price-matching too.

    Since you're not gaming, something like this HD 4670 (50GBP) should be enough:

    Your budget is not huge, you don' t game, you don't need multiple video cards, and i7 requires a very expensive gaming motherboard and expensive DDR3. I'd recommend you stick with something designed for non-gamers instead. Try something like this:

    GA-Ep45-UD3R 105 GBP

    Q9550 210 GBP

    Corsair DDR2-800 4GB 40 GBP

    Corsair 550VX 58 GBP

    Antec 300 46 GBP

    WD6400AAKS 48 GBP

    These prices do not include VAT. With VAT and shipping it's about 650 GBP to 700 GBP so far. You still need a burner and a copy of Vista 64 or XP 32.
  3. Speed is not matter, I got used to my old eMachine 3220 which has Intel celeron 2.8GHZ non 775 socket and 512Mb ram and xp :( and AsRock p4i65G

    And I just want full build excluding OS system CD.

    Ofc, im gamer but i won't spend all of my money but i will buy very high end graphic in future that's reason i buy i7 now and buy high end graphic card future.
  4. Al right, then go for that i7 build, but change the PSu to PC Power & Cooling 750W or to Corsair 850W. I recommended the Corsair 550W thinking you'll have a HD 4670 there. If you're going to replace it with a HD 4870 X2 or GTX 295, or whatever high-end card will come out in summer, then you will need more than 550W.
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