HT on q6600?

Hi ! just wondering if q6600 realy has ht technology. all my life i thought it is not but i noticed in bios that it is enabled. my q6600 is overclocked and stable at 3.09ghz on striker 2 formula (n780i).

if q6600 doesn't support ht should i dissable it? thank you
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  1. No hyper threading.
    No need to disable something the Q6600 doesn't have.
  2. Im guessing the HT is actualy HyperTransport (Dont ask me why, as its also not supported on any Intel CPU) At least thats what's listed in the BIOS of my ASRock 650i mobo.
  3. Nvidia Intel Chipsets, have the HT(as Bunit mention is Hytertransport) option, because it was originally designed as an AMD chipset. The HT option, in my case the, HT voltage, is a reference to the CPU VTT voltage. Some boards my have an HT multiplier, but that doesn't really do anything for Intel processors.
  4. no. i know what it is HT voltage. i want to say that i have option to disabe or enable hyper threading, which i didn't had before. it even has a mesage during posting that hyper threading enabled. the problem that it wasnt before i noticed it yesterday. anyway the system remains stable on preveuos overclock.
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