worth getting 22'' or 24'' ?

hi, i am thinking of upgrading to a 22'' or 24'' monitor, I have a 7900 gs 525m, the thing is will my card be up to it?

If not, and i go to a lower res will it scale down to fill the screen or will it be letterbox style?
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  1. What use are you putting the system to?
    For games the 7900 is too weak to drive such a large display without lowering the resoloution and game quality to the point where it is really not worthwhile to upgrade.
    If you`re using it for video playback-DVD or even Blu-ray-the card should handle it well enough although the current ATI cards have better HD decode built in and will offer better quality/performance.
  2. You should pay attention to the default resolutions of the monitor and choose which is better. I prefer a 24" I have SLI 7800GTX's.
  3. i definitely dont recommend going to a 24" with your current video card...I got a 24" right now and am finding that it really stresses my 4850 (but its still keeping up fortunately :) ) as opposed to using my 19"
  4. i upgraded from a 20" to a 24" and i'm very happy with my choice. i only have a 4850, but it works fine for me.
  5. Even if all you do on your computer is game I'd say go with the largest monitor you can afford. If your older video card is not up to gaming at the monitor's native resolution and you find that problematic you can scale down the resolution or upgrade your video card as funds allow.

    24"...1920x1200. I'd say go for it, you can never really have too much screen real estate
  6. Yeah, like they said, a bigger screen is always great, if you need, you can keep your smaller screen and use it for some gaming if you don't like to drop resolution. If your budget allows for a 24", you could probably get a 22" and use the ~$140 difference to get an HD 4850, which would run a 22" nicely (probably better than your 7900gs runs a 19")
  7. Well it sounds like my ol' 7900 wont do the job, thanks to everyone for your quick and helpfull replies :)...
  8. Of course ATI/AMD and nVidia are depending you feeling that way...so you can drop some more $$$ to play the latest timewaster...I mean the hottest game.
  9. hehe aye spot on halcyon, but i will prolly get the 24''and use for movies and stick with my 7900 to use on my 17'' for games for the while :)
  10. That's what I'm planning on doing, too, valmyre. 24" + Netflix for movies and 19" with an HD 4670 (probably a bit faster than your 7900) for gaming.
  11. Update: I have now got my new samsung 24 '', and am very pleased and surprised that my old 7900 gs is up to it , I can play lotro , eq2 at native res' in high quality with acceptable framrates, :) Lovin it !!
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