Is my psu rpm to low? Has it broken down or can I change it?

Hey guys,
A month ago I bought a 650W AlphaPower power supply after updating my graphics card, caus my old power supply was 400w

Last night my gf and I smelled something very similair to a burning smell. Not 100% sure if it came from my pc but to be safe, I restarted, went to my bios and noticed that my powersupply is running at 1600 RPM and this value is written in red... Is 1600 normal or is this way to low?

If its too low, is it possible to make it go faster somehow or has my powersupply broken down? I cant seem to change its speed in my bios.

If its broken, can someone suggest a brand I should look for? I dont know if the AlphaPower im using right now is any good as I cant even seem to find its website to look for a manual...

specs: (its old)
A8V Deluxe Rev 1.xx
2,20 gigahertz AMD Dual Core Opteron
ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP
3gb ram
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  1. cpu is heart of the coputore for this electric supply must in right way
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