My water cooler flow indicator isn't moving?

Just setup a Zalman Reserator 1 V2 to my Q6600, done everything properly but my when I turn the water cooler pump on the flow indicator doesn't even move.

This is my first time using a water cooler so I don't know what to do from here, manual says flow indicator should be shaking if its flowing correctly.

Any help would be great
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  1. if it aint moving, neithers the water,
    go back through step by step, have you bled it properly?
    check tubes for blockages,kinks etc,
    is the power getting to it ok?
    Might be a bad unit,just try faultfinding first before you rma it
  2. Ok il try everything again.
    No sure how to bled it, but if you mean turning the pump on and off again till air bubbles are gone iv tried that.
    And not sure how to check if the power is getting to it ok either, I can hear a noise when power is on and none when its off.
    Thanks again for the help
  3. Yes thats what bleeding the lines is, getting all the air out :)

    Ok, check theres nothing blocking any of the nozzles or tubes,
    I'm thinking your pump may be an issue, like everything else, shoes, cars, ram sometimes you get a bad component So if the tubes etc aren't blocked, get ready to Rma the unit
    Sorry I cant be more help and that your first W/c experience hasn't gone swimmingly man
  4. Thanks for the help motopsychojdn, turns out my water cooler is workng fine it was just that my flow indicator was stuck so thats why it wasn't moving.
    Found that out after taking every piece apart again, a lot of effort but at least everything is working smoothly now :)
  5. Lol, I shouldn't laugh but at least it was a simple, no-cost problem, W/C ones often arent, Im glad you got sorted out man,
  6. Zalman...make sure you keep your receipts...i've only heard bad things about those. And for the record, you shouldn't need a flow indicator if you have good components. I hope it works well for you, but don't be surprised if it craps out on you...most seem to do just that.
  7. Do you still have a problem with your flow indicator..i notice a couple years ago zalman put out a notice that there spin indicator with the fins were defected and they were recalling them..But i wouldnt just go by that id do a lil maintenance...What iv done for a stronger flow i shorten up my hoses as much as i could this way the pump doesnt work as i make sure the lil sliding door on the pump is wide open for max flow plus i pulled out the pump and pulled the face off and i pulled on the fins & youll notice the fins are connected to the magnet..Hold the magnet and turn the fins if it turnes means you have a problem thats not suppose to happen .. if it spin just pull the magnet off the shaft and glue the shaft and slid the magnet back on...You see the pump is so simple thats the only problem you can ever have with ur pump..If you still have your unit let me know i can give you a couple sweet tips how to cool off your return water just by using only 10 inches of hose...
  8. Thread has been dead for a year and a half, then someone comments on it.

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