My Hp laptop display not work

sir i have a Hp laptop averithing is ok but display is not[ just dark] screen i will testad flowing parts
ac adpater,battry,ram,but windows run proparly give soumd display can not apper -plese give your`s best seageson
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  1. The graphics chipset has probably got fried. This is a known issue with certain older models of hp laptops due to a faulty bios fan algorithm. HP has released a new bios update to resolve it. Also you may be eligible for a free repair. For more details please refer to the following post :

    It will give you all the necessary details and links. If you do get it repaired i suggest you put in the new bios update to prevent a recurrence.
  2. Your nvidia chipset must be damaged. This occurs in certain older hp laptops due a faulty fan algorithm. It has been resolved in the new bios update. Certain models with this issue are eligible for warranty extension and free repair. To check if your model is among them checkout the following post :
    It will give you all the details and links that you need. I hope this reply is useful to you. It's the only solution i can think of to your problem cause the problem sounds very similar to the one described in that post.
  3. I bought this laptop less than two years ago and it got stuck in the start up and would not turn on.
    I went to five technicians and all of them said that it was because of the motherboard and that it was very common with this model.
    I called HP, telling them this, and the representative even tried to convince me that maybe it was because of the video card.
    I asked them why they wouldn't do anything to fix a common problem that many of their customers complain about.
    The representative told me that it wasn't a common problem, that HP had fixed the problem in the earlier models with limited warranty service enhancement, and that my laptop was not faulty.
    It is ridiculous that I paid as much as I did for this laptop for it to not even work for two years.
    It is frustrating to know that many people have the same issue regarding this particular model and that HP will not acknowledge that it exists and fix it.
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