ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 Motherboard - no video?

Hi - I just purchased the above "upgrade" board so that I can re-use my old ATI 9700Pro AGP video card, DDR2-400 RAM, and ATA hard drives.

I installed everything according to the instructions, it powers up, the DVDs light, sounds like the hard drives begin to spool up, but I get absolutely nothing out of the video card - not even a recognition by the monitor that something is going on.

Any ideas? I know that the video card is connected to the power supply, and that the video cable is attached to the monitor. Should I try different RAM? Any help is appreciated!

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  1. Can you try borrowing another video card and using it with your motherboard? It may be just a simple case of a mobo being DOA (damaged on arrival).
  2. Yeah - I'm borrowing an old PCI board from here at work as well as an AGP to see if it's the card or the board that's wonky. Thanks!
  3. Hi,

    Are you getting in POST beeps?

    If not you could try starting up with just cpu installed. if you get no POST beeps then it only leaves the motherboard and CPU to be faulty.

    If it does POST stick in a single module of RAM and try again.

    If thats all working and its POSTS then try the video card.

    Good way of figuring out whats wrong!

    Sorry if you've already tried all that!
  4. Tried that - glad to know I was doing something right! This thing has me perplexed. I'll see what monkeying around with different cards gets me. Thanks!
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