ASUS P5B.... bad IDE port?

Hey guys,
I have an ASUS board (P5B) that has been giving me hell whenever I connect a DVD-ROM drive to the single IDE port on the board.

I know that the IDE channel isn't controlled by the Intel chipset, but rather the JMicron chip on the board. I also know that the JMicron chip doesn't play nice with ATAPI devices, but I've never heard of any problems between the chipset and SCSI devices (the drive I'm trying to connect is SCSI, a Sony DRU-830A).

My problem is when I connect the drive to the IDE port on the board, my computer will 1. not recognize the drive and 2. constantly IDLE AT 50% :( . When disconnected, the computer works flawlessly.

I've tried installing the latest JMicron drivers, no-go... I also considered getting a Promise PCI to IDE card, but read somewhere that these cards are meant more for HDs and not optical drives, as they are stuck in PIO transfer mode.

Do I just need a new mo-bo or is there some sort of step I'm missing in my setup? Could it be a power issue (comp specs listed below)? Is there any way to use the Intel chipset for the IDE channel instead of the JMicron one?

...or is it time to nut up and buy a SATA optical drive :P !

Intel Pentium D 2.8 Ghz overclocked to 3.2 Ghz
1 80 GB SATA HD (for dual booting Ubuntu/Win XP)
2 250 GB SATA HDs (RAID 0)
Rosewill 430W PSU
nVidia GEforce 7900

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. The Sony DRU-830A is an IDE (ATAPI) drive, not a SCSI unit. Since the IDE port is controlled by the JMicron chip, the DVD-RW will be recognized in Windows only after you install the JMicron drivers. You obviously can't boot from it.

    I would buy a SATA DVD-RW and be done with it.
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