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I'm getting an Intel X25-M G1 80GB for half the price. Should i take it??
I'm confused as people say don't buy g1. It's like I have to buy either HDDs or an SSD.
I have the money to buy a new g2 right now but I want to know about all the differences b/w the g1 and g2
coming to HDDs, caviar black raid 0. But they'll cost me the same as that old ssd. I'm like totally confused.
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    G1 don't support TRIM in Windows 7, a background utility to help the drive "Self-optimize." Else you can download the "Intel SSD Toolbox Utility."

    But most any SSD will still be faster than a HDD.

    Let me find specs. G1 are 50nm, G2 are 34nm, g3 will be 25nm. Still looking for r/w.

    Here's one article: Serious Competition...

    As for what I'd do, I'd get a G2. Or wait for G3 'til X-Mas.
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