S-video/tv out on a pci express 2.0 slot/port.

OS: win7 hp 64bit.
Mobo: almost new. 1 pcie slot, 2 pci express 2.0 slots, built in amd videocard.
Sapphire ultimate ultimate hd 4670 graphics card mounted.

The mobo and the sapphire card both have hdmi ports, but none of them a s-video/tv out port.

I tried to use an external vga to s-video adapter.
It works but the quality isn't very good, and cables has to be connected and disconnected before
and after use. So has the display resolution to be changed before and after.

Is there a simple pci 2.o s-video card outthere I can install and will it run along with the other
graphics cards?

The solution must be low priced.

Is it possible to build your own s-video pci 2.0 graphic card, by that I mean can I take an agp
card and make it to a pci 2.0 card?

Do you have Recommendations?
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    Here is a page of graphics cards with compatible interfaces and s-video out ports. I haven't used windows 7, so I don't know how you would go about using multiple independant graphics cards under it. As far as converting an old AGP card, forget about it. I remember reading a 'dumbest computer story' thread I think here, and someone telling how when pci express first came in someone bought a nice card from the shop where he worked. This person had an agp motherboard, and couldn't figgure out why the card wouldn't fit in the slot. So he took a pair of snips and modified it so it would. And then wanted to return the card because it wouldn't work. The bottom line is that the interfaces are incompatible, and if you know enough to modify a card to work in the other you might as well build yourself a whole new card, because you can do that too.
  2. Thanks for answering.
    Meanwhile I found out, that the sapphire graphic card has a dvi i port, and appearently in some cases it is possible to connect div i to tv scart or rgb port.
    But when is what possible?
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  4. Thanks. I guess that that means that you have solved the problem, but I spent a bit of time researching this so I though I'd write out what I found. HDMI puts out digital video and audio. The video encoding is compatible with DVI, so an HDMI to DVI adapter (remember, adapter != converter. A converter is active, while an adapter is passive) is possible. Since DVI doesn't cary audio, the audio is dropped. One thing that DVI does have that HDMI doesn't is a couple of pins devoted to RGB analog, which is what VGA uses for its video information. So DVI to VGA adapters are possible. However, trying to connect a HDMI to DVI and a DVI to VGA adapter in series shouldn't work because there is no analog signal to begin with.

    All very well, but how does this work with S-video? Well, S-video uses a YC signaling scheme rather than a RGB one, so an adapter from vga or dvi is not possible. However, converters should be available.
  5. Thank you for taking your time.
    That I have found a solution is going to far.

    I know the main problem is; the computer is new and the tv old, therfore they are not meant
    to run along.
    And trying cources problems.
    I wrote I'd used a low priced vga to s-video adapter. It worked but not so great quality, and
    cables and resolution has to be adjusted each time.
    Well like you wrote, I used a vga to s-video/tv out converter.
    And older computer had s-video port, and the picture quality actually was rather good.

    Now I'm giving this a try:
    Combined with this adapter:
    I don't think it will run, because it seems the dvi adapter is made for component displays, which I'm
    sure my television doesn't support (still there is a chance that it support scart rgb). And the scart adapter seems to be made for some kind of video format which dvi doesn't support.
    However another user, at another webpage forum said, he had done it and it ran. But he didn't precisely describe what cables and ports he had used.

    What I don't understand is:
    Vga ports appearently carry a rgb signal.
    Most tvs with scart ports can support rgb signals.
    Why isn't there any vga to scart rgb adapters to buy?
    I actually found an old webpage describing how to built one yourself. And a piece of software to
    adjust the vga rgb signal so it can be used by the scart rgb tv.
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