9400 gt super+ 1GB

Hey guys:

i have just bought a 9400 gt super+ 1GB nvidia graphic card and i need to know if it's a good one or not?

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  1. It seems to have a similar gpu speed as the 8600gt but with half the shaders. It ought to run games up to 1024x768 with lowered in-game settings.
  2. The numbers games for card naming isnt always consistant up or down. The 9500gt is 2-3 times faster and the 9600gt is another whole another level up, but you would assume a similar margin between the three, but no.
  3. Return it.
  4. you'll need to be more specific that just "is it good". it all depends on what you're going to do with it. if you're going to be playing demading 3d games on a 24" monitor, then go return it as fast as humanly possible. but if you only need it so you can have dual monitors, or just to watch HD video, then yes, it is good.
  5. If you are going to try and play any games on it then no. I say return it, like now.
  6. spend the extra 50 bux and get a 9800 gt.
  7. a low end card with that much memory is a total waste of money. the extra memory will not help because the card itself isn't actually powerful enough to utilize the memory.
  8. +1 pinaplex

    USELESS 1g ... 256mb is enough on a 9400gt...

    go for at least 9600gt for little gaming, and 9800gt for better performance.

    AND + + + + if you want plus ...
  9. +1 for above posters. Also please ask/research before buying.
  10. hi again guys

    so i guess the 9400gt is rubbish and not good enought for gaming :pfff:
  11. ^Yeah, those will do. I prefer the 4670 over the 9600GSO/8800GS as it doesn't need the PCIe power.

    Benches for 4670:
  12. where did you buy it from and for how much? return it immediately.. give us some computer specs and we can give you a GOOD recommendation.
  13. Recommendation for a decent video card would be the 9600GT (60w) or the HD 4670 (47w).

    Get the HD 4650 if you have a 250w PSU or less. Haven't seen any power measurements for this card, but I would figure at most 40w.
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  15. Jumpy graphics, video start-stops and play and pause gaming just became a thing of the past. Introducing the XFX NVIDIA GeForce® 9400 GT, a gamer—and visual computing enthusiasts—new best friend.

    The 9400 GT delivers astonishing vibrant video-watching with NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology. HDCP-Capable, the 9400 GT ensures exceptional playback of encrypted Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD movie content when connected to HDCP-compliant displays.

    Visual computing tasks such as photo archiving and photo sharing are made more enjoyable thanks to a real pop in the visual experience with reduced CPU utilization and low power consumption. Better still, the 9400 GT has full Microsoft® Windows Media Center support that allows users to offload tasks from the CPU, increasing productivity and enabling users to share, edit and manage photos and videos better than ever before.
    What do you want more?
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