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I was planning on getting this Cool Master hyper 212+, but this cool master v6 does better with airflow. Which one is better?? they are both the same price, but alot of ppl recommend the 212+
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    The V6 is better, its quite new so it has few mentions so far. Also I think it should be generally more expensive.
  2. on newegg its the same price
  3. I think they have almost doubled there price on the 212+ it used to be $29.99 or less and I think it still is from most places. I would never get the great ratings it does @ $50 but at the usual price its better than anything else under $30.
  4. So whats the best I can get for $50-75 range
  5. I am using a LGA1156 socket btw
  6. I am sure 99.9% of all heatsinks will fit 1156 cpus just check before you buy.
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