Water cooled pc idle temps i7-920

I have a swiftech 655 pump (setting 3) a 360 rad with 6 push and pull Scythe SY1225SL12M 120mm fans...2 intake and 2 exhaust fans on case with a 4850 and 17-920 stock (not oc'd) in the loop and my idle temps are horrible....50c and 80c running prime and ocz opogee cpu block 1/4 id hoses....any help would be greatly appreciated...
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  1. Hard to understand much of your post.
    50ºc idle and 80ºc running Prime ?
    Do you mean a Swiftech Apogee cpu block ? Which one ?
    360 rad, again which one ?
    1/4 inch tubing is for coolers like the H50, first suggestion would be to upgrade to 1/2 inch and get some actual flow thru the loop.
  2. 3/8 id exterior 1/2 and gtz cpu block and yes 50c at idle and 80c running prime ....Would 1/2 id and 5/8 exterior hoses make that much difference....It just seems that other water cooling systems were around 30 c idle oc'd and im at 50c idle stock
  3. a few things that could cause higher temps like this
    1. bad cpu contact with your waterblock
    2. bad temp reading diodes

    try putting your air cooler back on and check the temps and if the temps are crazy high like 100c+ then its prolly your diode reading temps higher then they should be. your computer will shut down well before your cpu gets past 100c+.

    check your fluid flow in your system. what you can do is disconnect everything and run your loop into a bucket to see how much flow there actually is. the only thing that should be connected into your computer is your pump to pump fluid...you dont need fans or anything else hooked up just your pump and maybe a reservoir. if your pumps good then connect the block then check flow again. sometimes theres gunk inside the block and it blocks ALOT of the fluid flow. if flows good then connect the radiator and check flow again.

    1/4 tubing wouldnt cause temps to be THAT high...
  4. Ok reapplied artic silver and now idle is at about 40c at stock speeds with room about 24c ambient temperature...Does that sound about right or should I be closer to 30c on a stock system with my setup....I wanna oc but am afraid i dont have everything working right yet.
  5. I'd say that's probably close to normal...I'd think mid-30's C would be more the case, but it could be that your Arctic Silver could be applied to thick or that your IHS and block don't mate well.

    Are you cooling both CPU and GPU with the single 320 rad? ...makes a difference.
  6. I had my ati 4850 in the loop but disconnected it so i could test just the cpu temp...now i have my sli 8600 gts cards in system
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