What Blu-ray Writer to get?(Urgent as i need toorder: august 10 2010)

As i am getting soon new PC (some parts allready ordered).
I wondered what Blu-ray Writer should i get as i never had one.
What im intrested in is that i am able to read and write: CD-s, DVD-s, Blu-ray-s and write Dual layer DVD-s also HD DVD-s
I got on my old computer old CD/DVD reader/writer tho it is not able to burn dual layer DVD-s and it is not capable to read or write Blu-ray-s.
Please sudjest what to get?

Maby top10 or somthing
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  1. THG used this in there recent SBM $2K:

    Optical Drive: Lite-On iHES208 BD-ROM DVD±RW Combo Drive

    The only thing I know about it is make sure you are running Windows 7.

    I saw a lot of bad reviews for it, so I posted this:

    "I can't believe the DVD they picked (even as a THG recommended pick). Have you read the reviews on NewEgg? No BD support, it $99.00 more for the software."

    But Crashman came back as said:

    "This is a retail unit that comes with software that only seems to work if you have the right hardware and OS. The entire video path needs to support HDCP, and the OS needs to be Windows 7. Check, and check."
  2. i am defenetly installing windows 7 it rocks(my oppinion)
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