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Hi all

I think I am on a losing battle here but.........I had my system in Raid0 and made some changes in the BIOS, the system reverted back to single hard drive status and would not boot. I tried all I could think of, but ended up re-installing windows. This time, however, instead of showin 1 hardrive of 500Gb it now only shows 1 hardrive of 250Gb. The system is still saying that its in RAID0 and on the RAID screen it states 2 x 250Gb drives. At no time did I format any of the drives so what I am hoping is that all my documents and music etc are still hiding somewhere............or am I hoping for too much?

All input is greatly appreciated as usual.
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  1. I think one of the drives is bad, 'cause 500-->250GB size shown.

    Since you reinstalled Windows, do your "documents" show up?

    I think not, all is lost, even without a format.

    When a drive in RAID 0 fails, all is lost, due to the distribution of information across all the drives. What dows the BIOS and RAID set up show?

    Back up, back up, back up.

    However, it may have installed to a new partition. But that would show in Explorer. Did you try to look in Disk Management?

    start/computer/right-click/manage/choosw "Disk Management" in the left pane/look at the graphically display of your drives.
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