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Hi all

I think I am on a losing battle here but.........I had my system in Raid0 and made some changes in the BIOS, the system reverted back to single hard drive status and would not boot. I tried all I could think of, but ended up re-installing windows. This time, however, instead of showin 1 hardrive of 500Gb it now only shows 1 hardrive of 250Gb. The system is still saying that its in RAID0 and on the RAID screen it states 2 x 250Gb drives. At no time did I format any of the drives so what I am hoping is that all my documents and music etc are still hiding somewhere............or am I hoping for too much?

All input is greatly appreciated as usual.
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  1. Sounds like you had one of the HD's in the raid fail and that caused it to die. Until you replace the bad drive it won't show both drives. Depending on the raid controller you can install the software, IE intel's raid software, to see what S.M.A.R.T. says is wrong with the drives or not wrong.
  2. You can't rebuild the array if one of the drives dies in RAID 0.
  3. As long as you DO NOT delete the RAID volume, All you should have to do is change the BIOS back to RAID and reboot.IF you did not format or delete the partition at any time, All the DATA will be available

    I changed motherboards from a ASUS P5B Deluxe (ICH8R) to a Rampage Formula (ICH9R) and the RAID) was still bootable.

    IF that does not work, you can recover data using a program for data recovery, You will need another drive that is large enough to hold all your data.

    I have used Active@ File Recovery and rebuilt the RAID via software and recovered the files.

    The Active@ File Recovery works great with the onboard RAID controllers like ICH9R or Promise PDC20378 controller, I have used on both
  4. People.....In RAID 0, the data is split between the 2 hard drives. If you lose a hard drive, you lose 1/2 the data. You can't just slap another hard drive in, and resume as normal. You can in other RAID formats, when you have a mirrored drive. However, that's not the case here.
  5. That is correct that you can't restore the data with 2 drives in raid 0. He needs to be able to find the second drive first before he worries about the data. That is why I said it sounds like the HD failed.
  6. What order did you do stuff in? It sounds like you reinstalled windows after it reverted to a single drive / non raid status. This overwrote data on one of the HDs that comprised the array. Is that what happened?
  7. Your only hope would have been to recover it before reinstalling windows, and this only would have worked if the bios changing the mode of the HDDs was the problem - if a drive failure was the real problem, then you still could not have done anything.

    Did you actually install windows on a single drive? Or did you just put in the disc and saw that the only drive available was 250gb? If you did the latter, there could be a hope. If you did the first, no chance.

    The point of RAID 0 is to boost speed for nonessential data. I have a RAID 0 array with 4 drives, but I only have windows and apps on it - it would take me a few hours to install stuff again, but I wouldn't lose any essential data. I keep the important stuff on a separate drive.

    If you had a mechanical failure, or you installed windows on one of the drives again, sorry but you're SOL. Thats how RAID 0 is - you only have at most half the data remaining, and its in pieces. You can't restore it.
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