Overclocking Phenom II X4 965

Hi guys, I just recently received my Phenom II X4 965 processor and I've been wanting to overclock it with the stock cooler. Now I know that I won't go to far with the stock cooler but still... So I'm going to be using AMD OverDrive. How should I overclock it? Like step by step. Also could you please recommend some good coolers for this awsome CPU =).

Thanks for the support =)
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  1. A great cooler for the budget is the Hyper 212+, don't buy it off newegg. The MSRP is 1/2 the price they sell it for on newegg. Get it on places like amazon or local electronic stores. Also, if you actually wanna hit high clocks. Learn to use the bios to OC, it'll come handy later.

  2. on stock cooler , my 965 c3 goes 3.774 ghz at 1.4 v which i think is ok., hovers around 45 C.
  3. Yeah, use the bios. There are tons of articles out there, that's where I learned.....took my 955BE to 3.8 just recently. Just be careful about changing the voltages.
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