Need some assistance with partitioning a hdd.

Hey everyone. I have 4 partitions, I want to delete all of the data on 3 of the partitions and combine them all. Last time I tried that I used "Partition wizard" and it gave me a error on the restart, and I had to repair it with my disk. This time. I have decided to use the build in partition wizard.. because I believe that using pre packaged microsoft software is better then 3rd party.

I would like to delete all of the data on C,B,D. I want to combine the free space with V.

Heres a screenshot:

I know, Just press shrink, extend whatever, I just want to be sure I have it done correctly because last time... It gave me like 9 hours of headache.
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  1. Bump please
  2. disk management in windows. delete them, format them. thats it.
  3. How i can see, your Win 7 is on extended partition an first one is primary.
    1. Make order within Win 7. You have too much data on that partition. Big problem is
    if it is on desktop or in "My Documents".
    2. For this purpose you need another hard drive to make restore image from win 7
    and transfer all your data to second drive. Make CD restore.
    3. Bootup computer with installation disk and delete all partitions on first drive and make new partion how do you want. After that reboot but now with restore CD and
    make restore operation.
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