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So I'm about to update my rig. I recently got it for free from work, and it came with a 40GB HDD. Right now it boots in like 15 seconds, and I don't want to mess that up. I ordered an additional 500GB HDD and that's where I plan to keep all my stuff (games, movies, music, documents, etc). What I want to know is if I need to do anything special to either drive before I get this going. My hope is that all I have to do is take the drive out of the box, plug it in, and enjoy, but I fear that it might not be so easy. I don't have access to the Windows 7 that was installed on my computer, so if that would be necessary I need to know. If anyone could point me to a link or a thread that deals with anything like this I would greatly appreciate it. I'll throw some specific questions down to make myself a little more clear.

1. How do I go about installing games or programs? (or in my case installing Steam, because 90% of my games are controlled by that)
~~~~My assumption is that I can just move the program files folder or manually change all the installs to the data drive, but no one wants to always do it manually, so is there a way for things to automatically want to install to the data drive?

2. Will I get any bandwidth troubles running my games from a different drive than my Windows drive?

3. Do I need to know anything about partitioning either disk to prepare for this?

4. If I eventually spring for the SSD and try to get windows installed on it how hard will it be to change things over?

Thank you anyone for your help in this matter. I know it's a broad topic, so if anyone knows any resource for me about any part of this topic I'd be happy to do the sifting. Thanks!
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    1. when you install programs/games, you will have to manually point to the new drive (as most installers will default to C)

    2. no, if both drives have the same mechanical speed, you wont see any difference

    3. no

    4. you will have to do a clean re-install
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