Splitting hard drive space for different users

Is there any way to give different users on my computer a certain amount of hard drive space that they can see and use. Basically splitting it so that a certain user can only use and see 30 gb of space on a 250 gb hard drive and so they cant view other peoples files or windows core files etc etc.
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  1. go to my computer and right click the drive>click properties>click quota

    the settings you want should be there

    i know this works for vista/7, but im not sure about xp
  2. Well I'm using windows server 2008, I'm renting out a server to a few different people and I don't want them to be able to access other users files or core files.
  3. it should work like i described above for server 08
  4. Yeahh it's working really well, sweet thanks =) haha
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