Intel Core i5 750 @4ghz, does my cpu temps and voltages seem Correct?

I was just reading up on forums about oc' my cpu to 4ghz, and i was able to achieve that without anything messing up, it worked the first time first boot so happy, here are the voltages - Vcore@1.35v
and here is a screenshot with my temps and cpuz -

im just wondering are the voltages set correctly and does it look like a good overclock?, i havent ran any benchmarks but i have been on it for a little bit now without any problems, also i read that 4ghz is barely a performance gain over 3.6ghz, what are your thoughts on it, thanks
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  1. from what i was reading, i just put my cpu down to 3.6ghz -
    for anyone wanting to overclock there i5, those are my settings, they may or may not work for u, im still curious on everything about it, it still seems stable atm and
    my voltages for 3.6ghz are Cpu Vcore-1.3volts - Pll-1.8volts - Imc Voltage-1.25volts - Pch-1.15volts
  2. What cooler are you using? Those temps can't be under load with those voltages on air... right? Run Prime95 or similar with the temp readings going.

    I have done 4ghz but using 200x20. Vcore 1.32, Vtt 1.25. My temps reach tops 75C on a core under Intel Burn Test (lowest is 69), using a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme. But my idle is only around 40C.

    Just fyi, pll and PCH don't really have any effect on CPU ocing. PCH in particular is the south bridge which interacts with some components or PCIe lanes depending on your set up so adding voltage there can only help things other than the CPU. For example, I get better stability on my GT240 with 1.15V PCH becaue it's on the 4x lane which runs through the SB. PLL is "phase locked loop" and shouldn't really be touched although if it works at 1.9V that's fine I suppose.

    I don't understand why in your first post you list VTT and IMC voltage. They are almost always the exact same thing - as in some mobos list it as VTT and others list it as VTT and some even say VTT/IMC.
  3. eh sorry about that, from what i read imc = vtt, i didnt really know too much about it, i just put in the values and it booted, also im using a zalman 9900 blue led which is a good cooler, yea i was psyched about the 4ghz, idk if im gonna put load on it in case it breaks lol, was more of living in that moment at that time and i dont have cash to replace it if i burn it out, also how come at 4ghz my idle temps are 50celsius, but when im at 3.6ghz now im at 45 celsius? if thats the case i might as well go back to 4ghz?, and also my temps are 72 celsius on full load at 3.6ghz /cry :(, i guess ill go back to 2.6ghz with turbo boost...
  4. 72 full load at 3.6ghz seems about right for that cooler.

    5C drop at idle isn't bad. If you make sure that you're using the lowest voltages possible then that's ok, otherwise you might be able to shave a little more heat. IMO you could probably get 3.6ghz much lower like 1.2 VTT/IMC with 1.3 Vcore.

    You might consider the OC I usually use. It's the highest turbo boost OC I can get. 175x20 with turbo, C1E, EIST, and C States enabled. Voltages are 1.32 Vcore and 1.21 VTT (iirc, might be 1.31 Vcore). My idle temps with that are mid 30s I think while the load temps are a full 10C cooler than the 4ghz OC. And the great part is that you get from 3.68ghz up to 4.2ghz on single core. I run my ram at 8x for 1400mhz, and dropped the timings to CL7 (1600mhz CL8 RAM).

    So yeah, my recommendation is that you work with Turbo OCing because it has better temps.
  5. ok im at 3.6ghz turbo with everything u said above, it seems to be working, turbo mode is on, everything booted as is -
    but how can i get to see if turbo boost is boosting me up to 4.0 or higher, also when i had factory turbo boost, it would lower my multiplier when im not doing anything, how come my cpu speed is staying at 3.6ghz and not moving as in downclocking?
  6. Your temps are a bit high still although I guess normal usage it's much much lower so it should be ok...

    As for the downclocking, if you have EIST on auto it should do it. Sometimes CPUZ doesn't update properly, although I've found Core Temp usually does... I see you have the turbo boost gadget, that's the best way to see what your turbo is doing for you. Just run a single thread to see if it will get up to the max turbo.
  7. i did but its not going higher than 3.6ghz :( speedstep and everything else is turned on, idk what else to do for it...i ran plenty of things on a single thread and it just shows 3.69ghz, doesnt go any higher :(
  8. Best answer
    Hmm... well two things are sprining to mind.
    1) How are you sure you tested a single thread? I find the absolute best way is to run Prime95 or Intel Burn Test on a single core/thread.
    2) Something in the BIOS must be wrong. You have to set the multiplier to Auto, if it's set to 20 or 21 it probably won't work (actually I noticed on my MSI board that only with CStates on, using 21x multiplier, and EIST on auto, turbo worked even with it set to off) but yeah, double and triple check the settings cuz it should work. C1E Enabled, EIST Auto, C States Enabled, Turbo Boost Enabled, Multiplier Auto.
  9. yea its working fine now, according to my math, btw i did a base clock a lil lower than urs, im at 150baseclock * (20 to 26=turbo boost values by factory) and max is 150*26=3.9ghz, now that ive come to that, the highest i ran on mine is 3.5-3.6ghz, havent see it go any higher, all settings are as u say and what i see, and also it downclocks when im not using it finally! :D, but still i should be getting at least 3.7ghz and up to 3.9 correct? and i open windows task manager and right click firefox and set affinity to 1 cpu then i go to youtube type in 4k resolution video and play that it eats 100% usage on that one core, also i did the prime 95 thing -
    its actually just capping out at 3.52ghz, not going to 3.6 like i thought or even higher :( and my multiplier is on auto, of course if it wasnt set on auto then u wouldnt see 23 as my multiplier in cpu z and coretemp :)
  10. Ohh 150 base clock... then no, 3.6ghz is the max. i5 750 only does up to 24x multiplier. Also if you're using the voltages I gave you, they're waaayyy too high. With a 150 base clock you'd be ok to set them to auto.
  11. ok so if i go with what u said previous with the with the 3.5ghz 175 base block and Auto Multiplier, would give me 4.2ghz on turbo boost, thanks alot man, appreciate all the help, im gonna restart pc and make sure everything is set and im going to shoot for the moon for 4.2ghz at turbo boost, gonna change my base clock to 175 from 150, thats all i have to change cause everything else is correct
  12. Yeah it should work give or take a little voltage... while I think using someone elses voltages is a good place to start, if it's stable you should always, always try to lower the voltages when overclocked - especially if you're hitting almost 80C. The i5 750 is specced for a Tmax of 72.5C meaning going over that regularily will most likely shorten the life of it, and possible cause damage (although of course they set a reasonable limit, which means you could possibly exceed it without issues).

    I'd say you could do well to invest in a better cooler and drop those temps.
  13. yea so i got my i5 @ 167 base clock which gives me a max of 4ghz on turbo boost, and yes sir i am getting those speeds :D, i had to turn cpu spread spectrum off and my ram is rated at 1333mhz, when i up'd the base clock from 133 to 167, it made my ram go to 1339mhz, <at that speed it would not turn on my pc, so i just selected the lowest right under it which was 1000mhz ddr3 :(, but hey man 1000mhz ram ddr3 dual channel with a base clock of 167 and max of 4ghz on turbo not too shabby aye :P., anyway to get my 1339mhz ram to use or i just have to stay at 1k mhz on the ram with this 167baseclock overclock? btw here is the ss
  14. Btw my load temps is 60-65celsius as u can see in the screenshot, i guess thats not too bad, also it underclocks my cpu down to 9-12x multiplier which is always good, my normal cpu idle temps average is about 38-40c i guess i hit the spot :)
  15. About your RAM, you'll have to look up it's rated speeds (since you have Everest just check in there). It should tell give you a selection of different speeds and the associated timings. The reason the RAM was causing issues is because the speed was too high for the rated latency. By increasing the latency (slower) you can increase the speed. I'm surprised your PC wouldn't boot at 1339 tho, that's kind of odd (are you running it at 1.65V?)

    Otherwise, looks good. 65C is fine IMO.
  16. well my ram is rated at 1333mhz 7-7-7-20 factory at 1.65v, my mobo only lets 1.6 or 1.7, ive been using 1.7v since i had this pc for 7 months, anyways there is 3 choices in the dram frequency for my mobo, usually its like this without a overclock, it goes 1066mhz - 1333mhz - 1600mhz, i chose 1066 cause i was overclocking, therefore my baseclock got to 167 and that pushed my ram to 1339mhz as i told u, so i clicked 1339mhz and put in my ram settings 7-7-7-20, and pc didnt boot :( so what do u think?
  17. The multipliers should be 6, 8, and 10x. This is the "fun" part of OCing lol. See if upping to 7-7-7-21 works, if not, try (167x6) 1002mhz with 6-6-6-18 timings. If that doesnt work or maybe you feel it's slow, just drop to 166 base clock and run 1328mhz RAM CL7. Or drop it to 160 base clock and run 1600mhz CL8.
  18. i dont have those like u say, i dont have 6 or 8 or 10, i see alot of that on forums, thats not in my mobo and if it is its something else, ill try changing my timings, im currently on 1002mhz @ 7-7-7-16 timings, i guess this is about as good as it gets? or can i get my 1333mhz back with this overclock?
  19. Well, it might not show you the multipliers, but if your options with the 167 baseclock are 1002, 1336, and 1670 then those are the multipliers. Just do the math: 167x6=1002, 167x8=1336, 167x10=1670. Good target mhz are 1333, 1400, 1600, 1800. There's a bit of wiggle room there, tho.

    IMO just drop that base clock to 166 and then your RAM will be 1328 CL7 which is good. Otherwise, at 1002 you should try the timings at 6-6-6-18 which should definitely work.
  20. ok man, very frustrated i cannot get my ram at 1333mhz, here is a SS of what i have currently,
    i do indeed love the lower timings cause everything is fast n snappy, but also would like my 1333mhz factory rated back at this 4ghz turbo boost overclock, any ideas?
    i even put my ram timings at 9-9-9-24 for 1336mhz and still froze at windows bootscreen, so i guess im sol? btw i used 166 base clock as u said, and it still didnt boot, so i guess im at the end of the road now...
  21. also i know this might sound a bit funny, but would raising any other voltage besides my Vcore give me access to that 1336mhz for my ram or thats a nogo? im just searching forums trying to figure out what i can do to get that while still on ur great turbo oc, thanks for the help man i truly appreciate it! :D
  22. Well, the RAM should probably be at 1.65V (DIMM voltage). If you didn't change that, then it's at 1.5V most likely which means you can't achieve the rated speeds.

    In Everest, go to (I think) the motherboard icon and it should show you your RAM and it's rated speeds. Or wait, might be in the Overclock subsection... yeah, actually check the Overclock one out, and it should tell you the exact timings for your RAM at a few different speeds as well as the voltage. Write those things down and then go into the BIOS and double check everything.
  23. btw my ram is at 1.7v in the bios, if it wasnt then my pc wouldnt boot, there really is nothing else i can do to get my ram to run at 1333mhz i guess... my ram is 1.7v right now, 6-6-6-18 atm also
  24. Well it doesn't really make sense to me that you can't get it going at 1333mhz (or even 1338). But hey, if your CPU is OCed where you like it and the RAM is running fine then I wouldn't worry too much about it. CL6 is pretty fast.
  25. here u go, i used my google phone to take pics of my bios, check it out and tell me what u think could be the problem to why im not getting the good ole 1333mhz -
  26. It looks pretty good. Much like my BIOS actually, although mine shows current voltage too... anyway, just a couple possibilities I can think of.
    Firstly, your IMC is set to Auto. You may want to set that one manually. It might have some slight affect on RAM stability.
    Second, you have your RAM timings set manually. That's fine, but if you try 1333mhz make sure you bump those timings up. For my RAM I only set the first (like 6-6-6) and leave the rest auto. But that's just me, because it works. Except for one thing... You have the command rate at 1N. That's fine, but it's possible that is what is causing the issue. Try it at 2N.
  27. so what should i set my IMC to? and is there really a performance difference from 1N to 2N, i mean it says what it does, im just curious is there any disruption in performance, overall man what should i set my IMC to and Timings in full for my 1336mhz?
  28. Well, at that speed I'm not entirely sure to be honest. If I had to guess, probably in the 1.15-1.19V range for IMC, and then adjust the Vcore accordingly.

    I actually read something interesting on 1N vs 2N, although for the life of me I can't remember what now. All I know is it said something along the lines of, 2N will take 2 cycles to find the data, but after that point it's just as fast as 1N. However, it's more stable. So basically the difference is it takes a few nanoseconds longer to find the data in the RAM but once it has it, data transfers are not slowed down by any means.

    For 1336mhz, IMO it should really work at 7-7-7-21 or -22. But then you said before you went up to 9-9-9 and it still didn't boot...

    Have you tested the CPU for stability? If it's booting with the slower RAM speed, make sure to test your OC out properly and then if it passes, well, then it's very confusing that the RAM won't work at the rated speed. I mean worst case scenario even at 1336 it should definitely work at 8-8-8-24.
  29. btw let me tell u this, im sure this is why its not working, I have a P7P55DLE Asus Mobo, My Ram i have it says its not compatible :( ROFL< but it still works, uhhh yea i forgot to mention that but still it works
  30. yea my ocz ram is compatible, my mobo on asus support site has a Memory Compatibility PDF file u can download, and it will show all the ram the motherboard supports, mine isnt on model number is off by 1 point at the end imagine that, but the ram has worked fine since i had it, Memtested it, it all works still, but i guess for that sweet 1333mhz im gonna have to get Compatible Memory for sure
  31. yea my ocz ram is compatible = "Isn't Compatible" sorry for the mistake
  32. Just because it isnt compatiable doesnt mean it wont work. I am running TAM that is not listed as compatiable on my Asus board, at speeds that it specifically says it wont run at will all channels populated... Did you adjust the command rate to 2T or 2N?
  33. no sir i havent touched the timing mode, i will indeed do that and turn my ram at 1336mhz @ 7-7-7-20 and 2N aka 2T and see what happens then, btw here is a SS of my Memory at 1600mhz benchmark and 1000mhz benchmark and from the looks of it the 1000mhz has alot better numbers imo -
  34. Hard to say with that bench. I tried a whole lot of RAM speeds and ran that, and the numbers seemed to go up and down kind of randomly. I think it has a lot to do with your CPU speed at the time. But either way, it's still very good and the latency is fine so IMO you're ok. My latency is 45 I think, I've seen it as low as 43 but it fluctuates a bit. 4 or 5 nano seconds isn't going to make a difference in the end.
  35. thanks for everything, glad i got my turbo boost overclock, anyways i was always curious about 1 more thing, How can i figure out if i have a Bottleneck, example - Video card Cpu etc.. i just play world of warcraft mainly, but what could i use to test to see what is holding me back? i read a forum where they said whether the cpu or gpu whichever is closest to 100% usage when gaming or w/e is the bottleneck, this true?
  36. its a Xfx Geforce 250gts "1gb" Core Edition Model -
  37. Um... sort of. Generally speaking, even if there's a CPU bottleneck you won't notice it because the GPUs will still be able to get you a lot of FPS. There's basically no way the CPU will force you under 60fps, unless a game happens to have zero multithreading support and is somehow extremely demanding - which there isn't a game out like that.

    Anyway, I found a CPU bottleneck by running FurMark at a lower size (1680x1020). I got something like 120fps on a single 5850, but then only 127fps with 2 5850s. As soon as I set the resolution up to 1920x1080, the crossfire set up almost doubled the single card. So the reason that happened was the CPU only gets 1 thread from FurMark and was bottlenecking. In actual games, I think STALKER sometimes bottlenecks a bit but I'm not sure exactly where. I thought CPU at first because 1 core is 90-100% usage, but the game does have some multithreading, the other 3 cores have around 15-30% usage often and 1 other core sometimes gets up to 70% or so. On the other hand, when the game stutters my GPU usage drops, meaning there is a bottleneck but I think I've found that it's not enough RAM. Who knew 4GB wouldn't be enough ><. I think this because the HDD light tends to go on/blink when there's stuttering. I watched my RAM usage and it gets high, like 3gb and I think Vista reserves 800mb cache so it only has a tiny bit of free RAM. I'd get another 4GB, but I can't until I figure out how to fit a RAM in the first slot which is covered by my heat sink =/
  38. yea like i said i just play world of warcraft, 8x anti aliasing and 16x anistropic filtering and a few other things, also i need to keep in mind my card is a few years old, thats probably the bottleneck :) cause i can tell u my friend after that turbo boost overclock, i doubt 4ghz is a bottleneck
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  40. Hello, i am newbie in OC. Can give help?

    Mobo Asrock p55 deluxe3
    i5-750 with Cooler tx3 CM, memory ocz reaper pc3 12800 2x2GB 6-8-6-24@1.65V, psu Amacrox 750 watt true power. WD Black 1Tb, His 5770 DDR5 1 GB, Casing Cooler Master 609 II full air cooler (two 12cm on top, one 12 cm in back, one 12 cm behind HD, one 14cm on front. 5 total)

    I am just try I.O.T (like speed step via Mobo Asrock) and raise to 10%(140) and multiplier 20x.
    For Voltage, i did'nt change should at stock voltage.
    Speed step and turbo mode enabled.
    Running idle at 38-41 now (after I.O.T) Never more than 49 With hot room (more than 28-30 in sunny day)
    Mobo temp at 35-39, speed step show maxed over 3.6Ghz. Well can i have better Bios Setting? how abou tDNA OC?

    How about memory timing? Dram TIming i guess. Can anyone have suggest to OC but for long period (safe voltage, max whicch allow to not stressed proc to much)
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