Vertex 2, Agility 2, or Corsair F120?

Hi, I'm looking to build a computer, and trying to figure out if I should pick one SSD over the other, or just buy the cheapest one? I'm holding out for a deal, as I've seen them drop into the lower 200 ranges, and I'm looking to buy the 120 GB versions.

Case: Haf 932
CPU/Mobo: i5 750, p7p55d-e pro
gpu= gtx 460
ssd- ?????????????????
hdd- Samsung F3 1 tb
psu-not sure yet
memory- either patriot viper 2 sector 5, g skill trident or ripjaw 4 gb
i plan on overclocking.

The SSD will hold win 7/ apps like itunes and Starcraft 2, an mmorpg (undecided) and the call of duty black ops game. and bioshock 2.

Also, this is a first time builder so if one of them is more complicated than another in setting up or overclocking, id like to know. thanks!
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  1. Vertex 2!

    Else, Intel X25-M 80GB.
  2. because...?
  3. samk said:

    Its the fastest out of the ones you allowed us to choose from.

    It's what MaximumPC used in their Dream Machine.
  4. Is there any preference over one or the other based on power consumption, ease of use, or size? If not I'll go for the vertex 2. Even without a crazy deal, the f120 is 60 cheaper (and had a 50 dollar instant rebate earlier this week) and the agility 2 is about 30 dollars cheaper, and I want to make sure it's actually worth getting a vertex 2 b/c it's the best, or if the difference between the 3 is negligible enough to the point that i should just get the cheapest one.
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    The Vertex 2 is the fastest, because OCZ has an insider deal with Sandforce for driver code.
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