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I was wondering that would it be possible to replace the "send to" item in the context menu with "send to /removable drive/". That means that I want no other destination option for the send to menu, but only the plugged in removable drive as the only destination. I want that to avoid choosing the removable drive each time by first clicking on the send to and then on the drive from the extended menu of destinations.

Again I am not willing to have the the "new" replaced by "New folder". Each time I have to create a new folder I have to click twice - once to open the context menu and the "New folder" from the "new option menu".

Are there ways to achieve such customizations?

Hope to hear you soon. Thanks.
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  1. I think Tune up utilities has something like that...
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will give that a try.
  3. Sorry to say that TuneUp utilities does not have such facility. It cleans the system but I could not find any option that allows the above mentioned customization.

    Any other tool to try?
  4. Ok, let's see:
    -for the send to:
    You can change that the 'old fashion way' by:
    1. Open any folder
    2.Select Tools from the upper menu and select Folder Options.
    3.Go to view menu and under Hidden Files And Folders check Show Hidden Files And Folders, and click Apply and OK.
    4.Go to My computer. Right click your removable drive and click Create Shortcut. If it can't create a shortcut in my computer, choose to create shortcut on desktop.
    5.Move(Cut) the shortcut to the next path:
    C:\Documents and settings\Your_user_name\Sent to (now you can see it because it's unhidden)
    Paste your shortcut here, and delete what you want.

    Now go back to Folder Options and check the Do not show hidden files and folders and click apply.

    Now right click anywhere and see the sent to to see your removable drive in there.

    You can do the same with any folder or drive.

    This should 99,9999999999999% work! :hello:
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