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Hey everyone,

I am currently moving into an efficiency apartment (~500 sq ft). I have custom built a desk that is big enough, yet shallow enough to hold my 26in monitor and my computer. I am currently in the market for a set of speakers.

I am looking for a 2.0 system. I had a 2.1 set, but didn't want to have the hassle of a giant subwoofer and a tangle of wires.

I am looking for a good set of 2.0 speakers with good sound, and hopefully some bass.

I mostly use my computer for gaming, but also watch an occasional movie, and play music quite often.

I have done a little research and have come across Creative's GigaWorks T20 and T40 series.

Any thoughts on these two, or any other sets I should check out?

Thanks for the input,

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  1. I bought the T40s yesterday, very pleased. I listened to the T20s also, they seem pretty good also. The most important thing with speakers has always been listen to them before you buy as everyone has their own taste when it comes to sound. I am pleased with the T40s but they may suck to you. If you can not listen to them before you buy, make sure you can return them if you are not happy. Good luck
  2. What's your budget, and how much space do you have for each speaker?
  3. Also, do not forget that you can change the bass and treble settings in your pc to make your speakers sound the best in your room. It makes worlds of a difference!
    I don't think that you need to have a soundcard or special software to do it either. I think windows allows you to adjust those settings if i remember correctly.
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