OC'ing Amd Athlon II x4 620

Hello again guys. I have a couple questions for you out there.

I would like to overclock my CPU, the AMD Athlon II x4 620 @ 2.6ghz.
Problem is, i am not sure if i can do it with my motherboard, Biostar Mcp6p m2+.
I can buy a new cooler if needed. (Maybe the Hyper 212)

My other question is, I am running 2gb ddr2 with winxp 32bit. Can i go to 4gb ddr2 and get the full 4gb? If so, what is the best set to get?

I have a Corsair 650wTX PSU so power won't be a problem. Along with a well ventilated case.

This was just something i was wondering. My other option is to save up for a new mobo + ram deal somewhere down the line. (Which i was originally going to do)

Thanks for any info.
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  1. I'm not 100%, but 32bit OS can only pick up 3gb of ram max.
  2. My brothers XP machine picks up 3.25Gb of the 4 thats installed I think it could be anything from 3-3.5Gb that XP 32bit can use. As for the board look it the bios to see if you can increase the CPU frequency and core voltage if you can then you can overclock.
  3. simon12 is right about the memory, but even though it can't detect all of it it will still help. If built the comp yourself then chances are you can oc, but how high will depend on a lot of factors such as heat, your
    cpu, your mobo, etc.
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