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Hi everyone and thanx for helping me out on this. I recently finished my new rig and was very dissapointed by the way is acting and is benching and I would really like to see if anyone could help put please; here are the specs:
Asus Striker II NSE 790i sli chipset, Intel Q9650 3.0 Quad Core O.C to 3.8 on liquid cooling, 8GB Corsair Xms3 ddr3-1333, Antec Signature 850 psu, 2 EVGA GTX 280, Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Case, Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I spent some money on this rig and ran some tests and only scored a 15000 on 3dmark06 which was a shame because my friend has the same setup and is running 26856, the funny thing is that my previous rig was not nearly as good as this new one and scored 15680 on the test.

I have already tried everything like installing new drivers for the cards, tried a single card and gives me a 14859 and when I add the 2nd card and enable the sli runs 15000 which I dont understand.

Please help me find out whats wrong or if maybe this is the expected score, any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you guys.
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  1. Download CPU-Z and check that the results are correct.
    Check for errors with Prime95.
    Did you set the memory voltage?
    Run memtest86+ and check the memory for errors.
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