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motherboard : Gigabyte G31MT ES2L
processor : Q6600 Revision G0 VID 1.2875
Video card : GTX 295 zotac
RAM : Kingston ddr3 2gb KVR1333D3N9
PSU : OCZ 700watts

can somebody give any suggestion.
I can't overclock my processor beyond 3.08ghz. I only have a limit FSB 343x9, I can't go beyond this FSB my computer will not boot anymore.
I tried everything increasing the voltage cpu voltage, termination voltage, DRAM voltage, but still won't work.
And before I was using an another board Gigabyte G31-ES2C, I can overclock higher to 3.25ghz, and using 1.41 voltage.

Is there by any chance I can overclock higher?
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  1. up up up anyone can give me advice
  2. Have you lowered the RAM multiplier and are your temperatures OK?
  3. yes I did and my temperatures is OK.
    before I was using other board and I reach my overclock to 3.25ghz.
    I was using the G31M ES2C
  4. Did you lower the RAM multiplier to 2.0?
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