Sandisk Memory Stick Problem!

Hey guys! Last i used the memory stick, i think i was making a bootable windows usb stick. This was a few weeks ago, but today when i put it in it said this disk need to be formated, so i did. But it only reads as 250mb!! It is definetly a 4gb stick!!! I don't know what has caused it but i really need it now!
Thanks alot in advance for your help!
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  1. Ensure that you are using the correct format for the it when formatting it, i.e. right click on it in my computer, format, and select fat32 (I think most flash disks are formatted this way out of the factory).
  2. nothing! when i go to the format box to choose the format it still says 250mb on the capacity box. Is there something i can do in cmd maybe because i remember having to use it before.
  3. any paritions on the drive?

    go to disk management to make sure. if so, remove them.
  4. how do i do it!! Thats the problem in disk management for the usb there is a dark blue primary partition then 3.5gb of unnalocated space, but its not letting me do anything!
  5. You should be able to right-click the usable space and extend it into the unallocated space (i believe, its been some time since I've had to mess with disk management)

    jsut right click, extend, select the entirety of unallocated space and it should then move to a single 4gb partition.
  6. yeah it wouldnt let me but i have fixed it now i followed the tutorial i used last time but formatted it as FAT 32 instead of NTFS at the end!
  7. ah okay. well glad you got it sorted.
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