Windows xp import dbx files from documents to outlook express 6

I have emails as back-up dbx files in Windows XP Documents. I need to import them into outlook express 6 - can you advise the method
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Use Outlook Express itself as the Import method - you'll find it in the File menu. Point to the file and let OE do the rest because if you simply copy that file into the folder, it may take over from your current default files.

  2. Thanks for your rapid response.
    When I use the import route in OE the drop down list SELECT PROGRAM doesnt give access to Documents.

  3. Blimey Frank - you caught me Linux then and I had to find an XP system to hunt down OE. :D

    It seems clicking Import then Messages>OE6 and finally Outlook Store Folder leads you to a Browse button which give you open season on anywhere in the computer.

    If you're planning an upgrade to Windows 7 in the near future, now might be a good time to change to Mozilla Thunderbird (works in Linux too :D) because Windows Live Mail is now the default "grown up" version of OE which is no longer available.

  4. Hi - its me again!!!

    Followed you instructions to the letter.
    Come up against a HIGH HURDLE.

    1/ In OE Folders I high lighted Outlook Express.
    2/ In File I selected Import Messages.
    3/ Selected Microsoft Outlook Exprees 6.
    4/ in Specify location I selected Import mail from OE6 store directory.
    5/ in Location of Messages I used Browse... to Select My Documents/Mail Backup.
    6/ in Select folders ( Select the message folders you would like to import into OE.

    This is the High Hurdle, the drop down list only names the folders in OE 'Local Folders', it doesnt show the Titles of the other folders I have added to Outlook Express.

    I tried adding copies of the folders to OE Local Folders that I am trying to recover from My Documents but these do not appear inthe drop down list.
    I also tried using 'All Folders' in 'Select Folders' but without success.

    Using this route does recover the messages that are in Local Folders but not the ones I need to recover.

    I looked at properties for each of the messages I am attempting to recover and each folder does have content in the dbx format.
    Is there any other way of opening these files in My Documents so that I can copt them into e=mails.

    Hope you can assist


  5. The Browse option is only suggesting where it wants to look - you have open season on pointing it wherever you want it to find the files.

    However, if I've missed the point, it's a matter of a copy and paste operation to put the files you want into the folder in which OE wants to find them.

    I'm a bit out of date on OE but I believe the folders you created within it - sub-folders to store individual mails - are all part of the same folder in Windows so if you import that, you should find your own divisions within that import.

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