Should i upgrade my motherboard?

system specs

mobo: asus m2n32-Sli Deluxe (not the vista version)

OS. Windows Vista x86

Video Card: MSI Radeon HD 4850

Memory: 4 gb ddr2 800 (ocz)

CPU: 64 x2 6400+ windsor (3.2 ghz stock) 125 watt

Hard Drive:

75 gb 10,000 rpm OS drive
150 gb x 2 10,0000 rpm

For some reason this mobo is having a good amount of trouble with vista, and thinks that my hard drives are external...

i use this computer only for gaming, and am considering upgrading to a more recent motherboard .

Would it be worth spending around $100 or so to get a newer motherboard?

(I have also been getting the bsod occasionally as well)

Thanks in advance
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  1. why would i spend $200 to buy a slower processor?
  2. IMO AMD Sucks and you could just overclock it.
  3. AMD is a dying company, they can't keep up with Intel.
  4. okay intel fanboy calm down...

    have you even realized that you've failed to answer the question that was asked?
  5. theunknown145 said:
    IMO AMD Sucks and you could just overclock it.

    most people who overclocked the E7400 only got theirs to around 3.2 ghz..

    so i would spend $200 and be exactly where i am now, excluding brand names.
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