Optiplex GX270 data cable for 2nd hard drive is upside down

Attempting to install 2nd IDE hard drive, but the connector for the 2nd hard drive is facing upward, not downward to be able to connect the data cable.

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  1. Sounds odd but I suppose things can go wrong in any manufacturing process. If there isn't sufficient play to be able to twist it round, just buy another cable. Personally, I'd just screw the drive in upside down but I'm just lazy. :D

  2. Leave it to DELL to take a simple procedure & screw it up. I have replaced & added many hard drives on DELL desktops and other MFG's, But this is the 1st time on this Optiplex Desktop which I just inherited. In order to add a 2nd drive, one must first move the primary (original drive) to the right, in the bay. Then insert the 2nd drive to the left where the original drive was, thus allowing the connector for the cable to face downward to make the connection.

    Again, I say WTF ! !
  3. Maybe someone replaced the original cable with the wrong one!
  4. No cable wasn't touched - Their procedure Manual (previous post) tells you just like it states.

  5. Is there any chance of slaving it on the secondary side - the optical drive? There's usually a way of fixiig a hard disk somewhere with a bit of creative thinking. :D
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