How to transfer whole harddisk to new hard disk


I have a laptop with 100 Gig harddisk. I have windows XP Pro and many important software installed on it. I would like to replace with large capacity harddisk. But I don't want to loose all my installed software and windows XP.

Is there any way I can transfer whole hard disk to new disk without any lost.

Please can someone help me.

Many thanks
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  1. Norton Ghost may help. Although i have not used it, so cant comment on how it works. Google for it. But in the new hard disk you would have to install Windows that would mean you have to re-install all the softwares. If you don't have the installers... TROUBLE!!!
  2. You can also try Acronis TrueImage Home. The free trial is fully functional. Use it to clone your drive.
  3. make an image.

    try and read about reviews of above mentioned software, and other type of it.
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