Acer aspire 3680 steps to do clean install of windows xp

Please help in installing windows xp drivers on acer aspire 3682
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  1. Backup all your files. Make bunch of CD, DVDs so you won't regret it later!

    Restart your computer, and keep key down to enter BIOS (for Acer I think is F2 key).
    Search the BIOS for BOOT DEVICE , FIRST BOOT DEVICE or something similar.
    Change it to your cd rom drive.Save and exit. It will restart and the cd will load.

    Ok, here's how I do it:

    I usually choose recovery console and format my drive from there( if you know how to use cmd)
    Press r for recovery console/repair.
    Chose Windows instalation , usually 1 and press enter, and put your password (if you don't have one just press enter)
    Type cd C:\ and then press enter

    Type format C:\ /Q (fast format) and press enter.
    But you can also choose your type (FAT32,NTFS) if you want, by format C:\ /FS:FAT32 /Q or format C:\ /FS:FAT32 /Q
    If you get a confirmation then you formated the drive.
    You can check it by typing cd C:\ and then type dir. If there are no files then it's clean.
    Type exit or just restart.
    Wait for windows to load setup
    Choose To set up xp...,agree EULA (F8)
    Choose To set up fresh copy....
    Choose partition...bla, bla, bla....

    Good luck! :hello:
  2. I can install windows, but need help in driver installations
  3. That's easier!
    You need drivers for your display adapter(video card), sound card, and sometimes for your motherboard.
    If you have an older windows installed on it you can check in device manager what types you have. Write them down, and download later from the manufacturer's site. Installing is easy, just as you would do with an avrage program.
    But if you don't have anything installed then you have to unscrew your PC and look at your sound card and video card.
  4. 1. Backup your files (into a usb disk) especially in these locations:
    - Destop
    - My documents
    - My pictures

    2. Backup email

    3. Boot your pc from a bootable windows cd

    4. chose to format you pc during installation.

    5. once installation complete, check under device manager for devices withou drivers.

    6. use this proceedure to install the missing drivers:

    7. Copy back the backed up files into their original locations.
  5. my computer is a laptop acer aspire 3682 nwxci i have managed to install all the drivers except the wifi lan my device is atheros 5005g and it shows an error code 10 ihave downloaded the drivers from acer site.
  6. A clean installation consists of removing all data from your hard disk by repartitioning and reformatting your hard disk and reinstalling the operating system and programs to an empty (clean) hard disk. For more information about important things to consider before you partition and format you hard disk and how to partition and format your hard disk by using the Windows XP Setup program, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    313348 How to partition and format a hard disk by using Windows XP Setup program
    To perform a clean installation of Windows XP, follow these steps:

    Back up all important information before you perform a clean installation of Windows XP. Save the backup to an external location, such as a CD or external hard disk.
    Start your computer from the Windows XP CD. To do this, insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive or DVD drive, and then restart your computer.

    Note To boot from your Windows XP CD, the BIOS settings on your computer must be configured to do this.
    When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD.
    At the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to start Windows XP Setup.
    Read the Microsoft Software License Terms, and then press F8.
    Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP.
    Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Windows XP Setup.

    After install get missing drivers from this link!

    Welcome to the Forum ! :hello:
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