What's the cheapest PCI-E card that will match the ATI 3850 AGP?

I'm trying to at least match the performance of my AGP ATI 3850 Radeon HD, but I need a PCI-E card.

My AGP ported PC is being replaced with a PCI-E 16X 1.1 ported PC and I need to get the same performance as cheap as possible since this is a temporary solution.
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  1. The HD4670 is generally a little faster, you can find one for $70 - $80.

    For $90 - $100 you can get a HD4830 that would beat it significantly.
  2. 9600 GT, actual HD 3850, and old 8800 GS will all be about the same performance with small variances in certain games and resolutions.
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