Extreme Lag on Call of Duty 4 although i have a 9600gt 500mb overclocked and amd

Extreme Lag on Call of Duty 4 although i have a 9600gt 500mb overclocked and amd 3800+ x2 and Kingston Hyper X 800mhz ram??
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  1. Online, single player? a little more info.
  2. Could you be a little more specific on your system? How much ram do you have?

    Also are your video drivers up to date?

    Is this game lag( low fps) or an internet lag issue?
  3. well on single player but its not just call of duty any game..i just got that new processor n the old one an amd 2.1 ghz didn lag at all at the highest settings. with the dual core it does. like even when i start the game like u know that activision symbol n all that stuff that comes up even that lags. i suspect it to be a problem with the dual core since it didn lag before.?
  4. its one gig but that ram is fast ill guarantee that and it runs on win xp. it wouldn be n internet issue cuz its offline . but as i said the lag only started since that new processor
  5. If its MP then its probably your connection, SP well take a look at your CPU unless your gaming at a high resolution. That 3800+ x2 ain't exactly top end by todays standards. One other thing you might want to check out is whether or not you're running AA/AF both on desktop and in game. I did that at first with CODWaW and when I turned off the desktop settings things smoothed out.
  6. Power Supply: Enermax 400watt sli certified and quad core certified
  7. How much ram do You have?

    Is the 3800x2 showing up correctly?

    Is the motherboard bios the lastest update?
  8. a friend of mine had a similar problem one time on gothic 3 and it turned that there was something with the amd dual core because the two cores dont communicate properly during game play so he needed a special application to allow only one core for gamplay??
  9. Well i played the game with the same system on the exact same settings before i had the dual core and it didn lag one notch but now its screwing up alot
  10. Did you download and install the AMD dual core optimizer? See if that works.
  11. ill try that thnks dude
  12. lolz this is simple............................your past processor was what...3ghz right? or somethings like that....and thats with a single core........................now you have dual core each core is prob about 2ghz each.....but cod4 only uses 1 core....it doesnt use the other core...so cod4 is only using 2ghz which is pretty slow for single core........u need a faster dual core tbh
  13. Is windows displaying that you have the correct CPU installed?
  14. Only 1gb of RAM? That's why. You want at least 2.
  15. Exactly what was your old processor?
    If it was running at 2.1ghz like you say, the 3800X2 should be better, but it is not going to make a huge difference over what you had.
    COD is not going to use the dual cores, but the 2 cores will handle background tasks better, leaving more CPU power for the game.
    Are you sure your processor is be detected by the BIOS and set to the correct speed. You have 2 processors showing in your device manager, and 2 graphs in your task manager under CPU usage?
    Disable cool and quiet. In my experience cool and quiet does have a negative impact on gaming perfromance. It shouldn't, but fact is it does.
    You should not need the dual core optimizer installed for modern games, but go ahead and install it just to be sure that the timestamp issue some older games have with dual cores is not the problem.
  16. temperature throttling?? is the cpu heatsink seated properly with new paste?
  17. I hate to be the one to say this ,,but you need more cpu power for that 9600 than what you have and more main ram would not hurt either...:)
  18. quantumsheep said:
    Only 1gb of RAM? That's why. You want at least 2.

    ^ +1
  19. There's a possibility that when you installed Windows you're still on a single core, and thus when you installed the new processor Windows still uses only one of the two cores of your processor.

    Solution 1 :

    Install the AMD Dual Core fix.

    Solution 2 :

    Format your comp. Reinstall Windows.
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