9800 gt 1gb vs 9800 gtx 512mb

I'm comparing these two cards...

evga 9800 gtx 512 mb ram (the ram is 2200 mhz)
675 mhz processor
128 stream processors

pny 9800 gt 1 gb ram (ram is 1800 mhz)
600 mhz processor
112 stream processors

any idea which would be faster on average? This is on a 19" monitor.
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  1. 19" 1440x resolution.

    the GTX will take the lead when AA is activated. The 1gb on the 9800 is useless. the GTX+ is faster even more if you go for an SC or SSC version.

    For your res, the 9800gt 512 is enough. You only need the GTX if you want lots of candy.
  2. the GTX is faster.

    Especially on a 19 " monitor. Your resolution isn't large enough to warrent a whole gig of Vram.

    god luck bro!
  3. The HD4870 512mb never complained at 19×10 only higher then that res bigger and faster frame buffer is needed. 98gtx is actually a over kill at the resolution but better safe then sorry.
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