Blank screen when entering bios setup after installing new G.card

Just upgraded my card from 8800GTS 320mb to N9800GT-MD1G. Everything else is fine, I am able to see the pre windows bootup screens as well as successfully boot up to windows, but when I try to to enter Bios setup by pressing Del, my monitor just goes blank. I tried to connect the vga cable to my onboard graphics port but it didn't help, worst still nothing shows up. I can't try with my old graphics card anymore because its faulty. Any advice? Thanks.
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  1. Whay are your system specs? PSU?
  2. Here are my specs:

    Motherboard: Biostar TA690 AM2
    Graphic card: N9800GT MD1G
    Processor: 5200+ 64 AthlonX2
    RAM: 2GB Kingston
    PSU: E2 Power 510W
    Hdd: Western Digital WD1600Sata 150GB
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