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Just got my new rig together... running what's in the sig. In any case, one of the first thing I tried to do was run Vantage, only to find that running it causes the screen to flicker gray. Later I installed WoW and tried to run it, same thing. I disabled Crossfire, so I'd only be running 1 4870x2... still did it. The only way to get rid of the screen flickering is to disable Catalyst A.I. which of course makes the card run on only 1 core. Any suggestions?
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  1. Im having the same problem on my 4850 in crossfire as well, i was wondering if it was the card which was overheating... but it didnt seem so, i dont really think 80c at load is high.
    From your conclusion its driver problem?
  2. I think it might have been a power issue... I had my compy on an el- cheapo power strip with other stuff before... then I plugged it into my new APC UPS and I also swotched the CrossFire bridge around... I don't know which did it, but it works now.
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