Upgrade my athlon x2 5000 cpu or VGA or both for gaming

theres a choice between upgrade my cpu or my VGA for gaming, but i've got my financial so tide now.
so somebody can help me up to choose please?

PC Amd Athlon X2 5000 (plan to upgrade it with PII X3)
GF9600GT (plan to upgrade it with GF9800GTX/Radeon 4870)

can somebody figure out which the best one is?, or ihave to upgrade both

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  1. If you can do both, of course do both. However if your funds is severely limited, I would recommend upgrading the graphics card first. You will see substantial improvement in gaming.
  2. the upgrade to the x3 will be a benificial upgrade as proven in this review,


    as for the GPU, the 4870 will beet the GF9800GTX+ hands down, so this would be the most benificial upgrade out of the 2 stated, although the GTX260 maxcore, is coming down in price quite nicely, making it a good choice against the 4870.

    if u can upgrade both then even better, but if can only do one at a time then i would recommend the GPU upgrade first.
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