Problem with RAID 5 on Intel ICH9R

To start, here is the system description... I have a WinXP box:

- Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz
- Gigabyte GP-P35-DS3P Rev 1.1 Motherboard w/ integrated drive contoller (Intel ICH9R SATA Controller)
- Antec 380W PS
- 1 GB RAM
- 3 x Samsung HD501LJ 7200 RPM SATA 3.0 Gb/s drives in a RAID 5

System working fine for three years without problem as a house file/media server. Running 24/7, tucked away in an out of the way location.

Recently, systems slowed way down. HD is constantly grinding away with a clicking sound. Suspect a HD crash is imenent.

I extracted each of the three drives from the "bad" computer and placed them into a good computer and tested them with HD Tune. With the exception of a few bad clusters, all three drives tested fine and I could not hear anything unusual.

I placed all three drives back into the "bad" computer and tried to boot. I was very careful to place each drive back into its same locaction, attached to the same SATA port as it had originally been located.

However, now when I boot, only Drive 0 is recognized as part of the array. Drives 1 & 2 are not part of the array and the array status shows as "Failed."

1) How do I get Drives 1 & 2 back into the array without losing data?
2) Assuming a drive has failed, how do I rebuild the array with a new disk?

Using the SATA Bios, there are only three options: 1) Create new array; 2) Delete array and 3) Reset disks to non-RAID. I don't see any diagnostics or other utilities.

I hope someone can assist with this,
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  1. You can create and repair RAID volumes using Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Install it, open, and create, manage, and rebuild your RAID volumes without destroying data though the BIOS RAID options.

    You can mark the reportedly "failed" HDD as normal, and let the program rebuild the volumes.

    If a HDD has failed you can install a replacement HDD and re-create the volume with the surviving HDD. I had a HDD fail on this machine 10 days ago. I just installed the replacement HDD and rebuilt the volume this afternoon from the surviving HDD.
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