Will it fit?? SAPPHIRE 100259L Radeon HD 4870 512MB

im building a new system and considering a mid atx case....any1 else have a mid size case with this card??? do u have to pull it out to take out hd's ram etc? i heard some1 on newegg complaining about the size and it has me confused now on whether i should get a mid or full tower
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  1. It will take up a lotta space and it will be cramped and depending on case and drive position there is a good chance your gonna have to remove it to get to hard drive. Also we had a issue with getting a connector on it for the power it was a extremely tight fit over all and not recommended if you can help it but its doable and ever case is different. Give you a idea of size it takes a good chunk of room up in my Thermaltake Armor case and thats a full size tower. I would recomend a full tower case
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