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I have a Pentium dual core E2180 I have heard that it is an excellent over clocker so should i do it and will it be able to handle todays games if i did by the way i am new to this kinda of thing could some plz explain to me how to overclock this CPU safely all help highly appreciated
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  1. No. It wont. How much ever you wanna overclock, you cant play today's games. it may work on lowest possible setting. but a lot depends on your gpu. and for example it wont make you play GTA4...
  2. You will be able to play the latest games, but as mentioned, your GPU will be more important once the CPU is overclocked, and you probably won't be able to play with max settings, though with a decent GPU you should be able to avoid having to play at minimum settings.

    I am an AMD overclocker, so I won't be of much help in helping you do it, unfortunately.
  3. Look even if you overclock it too 2.6 (30%) that wont make much difference. specially in gaming. Low end games will perform better like l4d. but Nightmares will start when you start going up.
  4. It is not rare to see people hitting 3.0ghz on the E2180 for daily use. While still not ideal, that is a far cry from being useless for gaming.
  5. so should i get a intel core E7500
  6. ^ PERFECT! My favorite budget and bang for buck processor. Just get it man with your eyes close. oc it to at least 3.4 if you want and enjoy. The only bottleneck then would be your gpu (considering you use igp).

    JofaMang: any proofs? how the hell can some one go till 3GHz with stock cooling? that's an increase of full 50%!!!
  7. ok i have a coolermaster cooler but i dont know if i can over clock with it and by the way can u suggest me any GPUs that will allow me to play games at high settings but not too expensive
  8. yes, but first post your current system specs. Which casing do you have? Which 'cooler' do you have.

    Depends on 'high' definition. High= lot of cash.

    I wont suggest any ATi product, you can always search them up.

    Now you need to tell your budget for gpu. for example 100 dollars? 80$? less than 150$ etc etc.

    For me e7500 paired up with Nvidia GTS250 would be the yummiest cake to play games on mid settings.
  9. I don't know why noone else has asked but what graphics card are you using and what resolution do you normally play at you need to know this to decide where the week spot in the system is.
  10. ok so i have intel e2180, 3 giga ddr2, nvidia 9500 gt, my case is big and my cooler is a Cooler Master 6H11, and the gpu around a 100$ thanks for all your help
  11. Your pc specs are really mediocre, and the fan you talk about is HSF (heat sink fan) which is extremely mediocre too.

    for 100 to less than 100$ you can get a 512mB GTS250 version, and a proper GT240.

    in ATi HD 5670.
  12. so is the fan good enough to overclock and what else should i change in my pc
  13. No fan isn't good enough.

    what else>? your ram is good.

    mobo isn't specified, please specify it.
  14. my mobo is a GA-945GCM-S2L
  15. ah took time to get your mb specs.

    you mobo doesn't support rams with higher speed, i.e 800mhz. but your rams atm are good.

    Get a gts 250, oc your processor or get a better one. get better cooling like a fan in front for intake. get a better heatsink if you plan to stick with this processor and to overclock it.
  16. ok i will get the E7500 and a gts 250 plus a new cooler then will that allow me to play games on high settings
  17. No. mid settings.

    Do you know what high means?

    Ok, why don't you tell me what 'High' is in your dictionary?

    what kind of settings do you consider high?.
  18. what i mean is playing most games at high setting like AA 4 and high texture etc.. at this resolution 1024/768, whats the definition of high in your opinion
  19. Dont ask my opinion dude.

    yes at 1024x768 you can play with high to mid high.

    Now select any of my answers as best and 'Let this thread be put to rest.'
  20. whats wrong with asking your opinion if u r not bothered being asked dont answer
  21. Watch your tone.

    When asked properly in a proper thread, then i can tell my opinions.

    What i was writing above is nothing less than my opinion(s) if your senses didn't pick that up.

    search a bit, or read articles. then you would know what high is and what setup you require for high performance.
  22. if your opinions are so precious and valuable to you dont answer ok in other words you r saying to me i am not worthy of being told your opinions there are millions of people that are willing to answer any question so dont think u r better than anyone
  23. ... cry...
  24. u better
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