Is this a bad deal on a vertex 2 extended?

OCZ Vertex 2 Extended 120GB 2.5IN SATA2 Solid State Disk Flash Drive $279.99 after $30 MIR

$30 MIR []
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  1. Probably worth the price at the present time. If you want great prices, watch for the Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) prices.
  2. Hmm... it seems like sales every day on SSD. Newegg just recently dropped Vertex 2 extended to 279.99 as well as is the Agility 2. There is also another sale on the corsair f120 for 240 at Fry's, which was cheaper than the deal last week. ANd kingston has a 128 gb on newegg now for 219. I think if i wait a week more or so i might be able to find something good?
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