Sans Digital toweraid and windows 7

I just purchased the Sans Digital tower raid tr5m-b.
It houses 5 drives and my intention was to add three 2 tb drives in raid 5 and add 2 more drives later and extended the raid set. The support for windows 7 drivers is horrible. Also I thought this unit supported hardware raid also and ths is not the case.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a raid controller that will do hardware raid with this unti
? I would not like to spend over 200 bucks and also two external esata ports when I want to add another bay. Does anyone else have similar setup I should look at instead. Is going with a 4 bay nas prolly a better solution as I have looked at the synolgy. I am jsut needing alot of space for my media.

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  1. Look at the HighPoint RocketRAID series.
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