Drivers or card crash?


I just built a computer, everything works fine except for the video card. I have a powercolor 3850 agp with hotfix 8.8 drivers installed. Fallout 3 works perfectly, with maybe one crash with a days worth of play. However, World in Conflict crashes everytime, with a black screen and audio still playing, then about half the time it says "reloading resources, please wait" and then it works after about a minute, and half the time it never comes back. This is also the same for flight simulator 9. Turning the settings to lowest does nothing.

q6600 proccesor, 2.4 ghz
1 gb dd2 667 ram
xp 64 bit
500 watt psu
1 tb wd hard drive
hd 3850 512 mb
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  1. very good chance u need more memory, better check game requirements, 1gb is low for modern games

    go to and get a good deal on memory and a lot of other stuff
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply
    I'm happy to say that I fixed it! All I had to do was turn agp auto calibration 3.0 off in bios and it works. Sorry for not posting that before.
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