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I have a Radeon 3870 video card in my computer which I built last year. The card is kind of obsolete by today's standards. Is there any way I can, or should be doing to maximize it's performance in Windows Vista Home (32 bit). Playing streaming video's are very slow, but I can only afford lite speed internet.

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  1. Update it's drivers. That's about all you can do. Streaming vids off the net depends on internet speed, not videocard speed.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'll update the driver. Thanks
  3. In Vista while streaming Video you may want to consider shutting off the sidebar also. The sidebar uses gadgets that use bandwidth from time to time and that will slow down your streaming video. Definately update the driver for sure and also do a search here at Toms for articals for tweaking Vista for performance. berst of luck to you.
  4. Try using Riva Tuner to overclock it a bit. I was able to get a small amount of overclock out of my 3870 when I had it.
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