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I ordered an ocz vertex 60gb over the weekend and expecting it to arrive in the next few days. I'm currently using windows 7 on a seagate 500gb ide hd. I want to use this 500 hd for media files and the ssd for boot and programs but I'm unsure about installation. If windows 7 is already on the hd, and I install it on the ssd, won't there be some sort of conflict since both drives have 7 installed?
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    You are right! You should not have the OS in two different places. Pick the SSD for the OS and programs, and data files on a different HDD.

    Now for the fun part. Here are two options. Go with whichever you prefer or feel more comfortable with.

    Option 1: This is what I recommend. When you get your new SSD, clone the HDD on to the SSD. This process will make an exact copy of your old HDD (OS, programs, and all) on your new SSD.

    This cloning can be done using Apricorn's device called "Drivewire" and the software that comes with it.

    I have done this on 1 laptop as well as on 2 desktops very successfully. The instructions are very clear.

    Option 2: If you have Win7 retail version, then you can easily re-install the OS on the SSD with no problem. Then re-install the other programs on this same SSD. A little tedious, but it builds character! After doing this, disconnect the HDD containing the original OS. After you re-boot, connect the HDD and then delete the OS on the HDD (or re-format it).

    Note: If you have Win7 OEM version, you will need to call Microsoft and get the license authorized (activated).
  2. Awesome thanks for the quick reply! I'll check that link for cloning.
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  4. thestrangebrew said:
    Awesome thanks for the quick reply! I'll check that link for cloning.

    Thank you for selecting my reply as the best answer - - go ahead with the Apricorn stuff. You will not be disappointed, and it will walk you through the steps in a clear, concise manner.

    Here is the Newegg link:

    Read the reviews too, on Newegg
  5. If you SSD is a SATA version, Do not recommend cloning an ide HDD to a SATA SSD.

    Windows 7 will properly align the drive during setup, don't think cloning will. Also there is some differences in drivers that will be loaded.

    You can do a Fresh install using Upgrade, OEM, or retail package, not just the retail version. (oem version, as long as you are re-installing on the same machine should not pose a problem)

    What I would do is disconnect your HDD, install the SSD and load windows 7. Do all the initial downloads for win 7 and reinstall all programs. Power off, reconnect your old HDD, During power on verify that boot is set to SSD. (During the post on most newer MBs you can ket a key and select which operating system (SSD or HDD) you want to boot to. You can then transfer your email/favorites/My docs from the HDD to the SSD. Once you have everything set up you can do away with the operating system on HDD. I alway put my operating system and programs on its own partition (C drive) and my data/files on a 2nd partition (D drive), if this is the way you have set up your HDD, then when everything on the SSD is working - just reformat your C drive.

    Don't forget, for the Trime command in windows 7 to work the SSD should be set to AHCI (recently, I think the trim cmd will work with the controller set to SATA, As long is the SSD is not part of a raid config - Yours would not be part of a raid setup.
  6. Thanks for the response chief. Quick question. Before I do anything, should I install the latest firmware? Or install my OS then the firmware? It looks like these ocz vertex has been shipping with fw1.5 but 1.6 is out now.
  7. For SSDs I normally install the latest firmware befor Installing the operating system.
  8. Thanks chief. I'll do that first. So I can basically install the ssd and OS, boot to it, transfer all my files (music photos etc) that I want to save from the hdd, format the hdd, then transfer the files back to the hdd after formating? I was going to save the files I wanted to keep from the hdd to an external hd then copy it back over after formatting.
  9. Best option is to save the files that you do not need on the SSD to an External HDD/DVDs the transfer them back to the HDD after formating it.
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