I7 920 D0 Stepping vs i7 920? Help Please

Im about to order all the components to build my 1st pc, before i order i would like to know what the differance is between the d0 stepping version and the standard version, i know d0 is suposed to be easier to overclock, is that the only differance, i wont be overclocking for a while but should i go for it anyway or stick to the standard one?

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More about stepping please
  1. They are both "standard," just different steppings. By all means get a D0 if you can, but if you're not a heavy overclocker it's nothing to stress over.
  2. ah ok thanks, also would this http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=HS-025-AS be a good enough cooler?
  3. yeah but save the cash and get the titan fenrir, it's currently the best stock cooler which comes with a fan you can buy and it's pretty cheap too.
  4. Im buying from ebuyer and overclockers, ebuyer dont have it and overclockers only have a pre-order, ive found it on scan but by the time i add the extra postage it dosnt work out that much cheaper, so is it actually a better cooler that the link i posted or just a cheaper alt?
  5. it is far better, maybe 8 or 9c.

    and if you give us a list of what your buying then it will give me a better idea.

    and also the d0 is cheaper at scan then the the C0 at overclockers so it may make more sense to get everything from scan.
  6. overclocker have the d0 oem on special atm. im getting:

    ASUS P6T SE iX58 Socket 1366
    OCZ Gold DDR3 1600
    Coolermaster HAF 932
    Cosair 850w PAU
    XFX HD 4890 1gb
    2x Samsung f1 1TB
    Liteon DVD Burner
  7. whats your total budget?

    also don't bother with OEM's, you lose your warranty most of the time and then that would be an extra £240 instead of £12.

    edit: how's this?

    Silverstone 850w £87
    2x WDC black 1TB £173
    Coolermaster HAF 932 £100
    Samsung BEBE dvd writer £16
    ASUS p6t SE £162
    Corsair 3x2GB 1600mhz CL8 £94
    XFX HD 4890 XXX edition 1GB £210
    Intel Core i7 920 D0 £242
    Titan Fenrir £33

    It comes to £1135, take away the cooler and it's £1102.
  8. all in all with vista its coming to about £1230, i can go a bit higher if need be.
  9. OK add vista HB which is £87 and even with the cooler it's still cheaper. has better HDD's too.
  10. vista HB? whats that.
  11. oh you mean home basic? im getting premium isnt that better 64bit as well
  12. ah i didnt see your spec for me sorry, wheres that from scan?
  13. whoops not Home basic I meant Home premium. and yeah it's from scan.

    @psycho, they're everywhere in the UK so sucks to be you.
  14. the gfx card is only pre-order is the xxx much better than the normal one? only dif i can see is 50 on the clock speed?
  15. Well from what I've read, the 'standard' 4890's which run at 850mhz are just actually the 'bad' bin gpu's that couldn't make the 900mhz specification stably.
  16. so is it worth the wait or not?

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