AMD Athlon 2000+ p/n ADF2000IAV4DRE

When will this CPU be out? I can read the reviews, read specs even on AMD's website, but no release date as of yet. This thing is ideal for a project I have for a MediaPC replacement of my DVR/DVD player and I'm getting antsy waiting for it.
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  1. chances are it's not coming out. Instead buy yourself a single core AMD cpu, and underclock it to 1.0GHz and undervolt to 0.9v, using RMClock. Done. Same cpu performance and wattage without the wait, not to mention you can clock it back up if you need to in the future. That's what I have done with my Sempron LE-1100 in my HTPC.

    If you really like waiting, I'd hold out for the 45nm single core Sempron scheduled for Q3 of this year. It's rated at 45 watt, but I'd have a hard time believing that. Should undervolt/underclock well, as well overclock easily. Initial news says it should spec at 2.7GHz with 1MB cache. AM3 cpu
  2. I think that CPU is already out but only sold to OEMs.
  3. I have a 90nm Sempron 3200+ I'm about to retire, could use that I suppose.
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