Bad problems with display on HP pavilion laptop

Yesterday I was using my laptop and the display turned black with little vertical lines running up and down it. I restarted it and this went away, then today I can't go more than five minutes without it doing this, I went to and did everything they said, update drivers and BIOS, both of which I routinely do. Any ideas about what is happening would be greatly appreciated.

HP Pavilion dv5
Windows Vista home premium
4 gb ram
Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics
AMD Turion ultra 2.1ghz
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  1. I used my laptop last night, put it in my computer room where I always do and shut the door. (No one goes in this room and my computer had not moved from where I left it.) It started showing vertical rainbow colored lines that took 2/3 of the entire screen. Now the rest of the screen is black. I have had this computer 2 months and 2 days, and Best Buy told me it must have been dropped or something must have hit it. I know nothing of the sort happened. I called HP, went throuh all the trouble-shooting, and am having it sent in for repair. They are telling me it will be covered under warranty. My e-mail is, let me know what happens with yours. Best of luck to you.

    ~Amy D.
  2. Wrong place to post guys but you are not alone....

    I recently bought all of the "defective" and mostly repaired items from the back of a circuit city and in this lot is a DV6000 or 5000...

    With the vertical far its not overheating the thing is as cool as a cucumber....i believe it is just the motherboard failing...since the unit is under warranty il be sending it in

    Supposedly this laptop series is notorious for being a pos so if your out of warranty go to google and start looking through how others have dealt with the problem there may be something simple you can replace ;)
  3. By tapping mine on the side, the backlight turned back on. However, since it has always been a piece of crap, it just broke one day from a little tap of the finger on the side. The screen shattered and when I told hp about it, they told me it would cost about $500 to get the screen replaced, but the motherboard was the issue with the display not showing.
  4. It's not the MoBo, graphics chips on the MoBo, the BIOS, or the drivers. There is a circuit on the top back of the display that drives the rows and colums on the display. Part of the circuit or connection to the screen has gone bad. You an buy a new or aftermarket screen for around $80 or less. It comes assembled with the CCFL lamp and circuit, outside shell not included (it's not needed and costs extra). You just have to carefully plug in a ribbon cable. The lower-priced display is likely an aftermarket item with one or two bad pixels (dark or bright), which should be no more than a minor annoyance at times, unless you view a lot of movies or do a lot of graphics work (but you might want a large external hi-res monitor for those applications). I have the same symptoms on a Dell 21" monitor two years out of warranty. I also had a black screen on a Dell portable computer that was over a year out of warranty. It was easy to fix by swapping out the display assembly. Note: Black screens may be due to a break in the wires that passes through the hinge, or possibly a loose connector attached to those wires. Don't attempt to open your computer or make repairs if it's under warranty, unless you don't mind voiding your warranty. And don't let HP tech support give you the run-around and waste your time. They don't know everything, and HP doesn't want to spend money fixing anything under warranty.
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